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Career Prep

What is the vision?

We endeavor to provide resources for career-focused students and strive to equip students with skills they can use well after graduation. Our school supports career-oriented students by providing Career Technical Education courses, job resources, career-related workshops, and conversations with field experts. 

Students may take Career Technical Education (CTE) courses while in high school. CTE courses allow students to explore specific career fields while earning high school credit. Our students can explore career fields through online curriculum, the Strong Workforce Program, or community colleges. Our CTE Coordinator also hosts resume workshops, mock interview panels, and talks with field experts.

Teenage girl writing in a notebook

Our school believes in building high school programs that help students achieve both their academic and career goals. 

Career Pathways

Current students are participating in the following career pathways: 

  • Business Management

  • Child Development 

  • Cosmetology 

  • Entrepreneurship/Self-Employment

  • Food Service and Hospitality 

  • Game Design

  • Information Support and Services

  • Patient Care

  • Product Innovation and Design

  • Systems Programming