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About Us

Three school employees chatting outside next to the school's bookmobile.

Welcome To Our Community.

We are a tuition-free, public charter school serving transitional kindergarten through 12th grade homeschool students in El Dorado, Amador, Alpine, Sacramento and Placer Counties.
At Clarksville Charter School, we believe in providing an education suited the unique needs and aspirations of every student. We are an independent study school dedicated to empowering students to chart their own educational journey from the comfort of their homes. Our credentialed staff partners closely with students and parents to create personalized learning plans that foster curiosity, creativity, and success.
  • Parent-Choice Curriculum Options

  • High School and Junior High Virtual Academies

  • Direct Instruction and Experiential Learning

  • Clubs, events, and field trips for for all grades

  • Diversity, Inclusion, and Growth Events

  • Virtual Classes for Multi-Lingual Learners

  • Special Education, 504, SST, Multi-Tiered System of Support

  • Online All-Access Curriculum options 

Learn more about our school by visiting Clarksville Charter School's Report Card.
HST smiling while chatting with her two students outside.


- Our Mission -

We seek to develop the individual gifts of students and to support them in becoming critical thinkers, responsible citizens, and innovative leaders that are prepared for academic and real-life success in the 21st century.


Student hugging teacher at a Literature Festival hosted by the schools.

- Schoolwide Learner Outcomes -

Schoolwide Learner Outcomes represent what students engage in and strive to achieve when they work through our program. The SLOs are an ingrained part of our school culture, and reflect our school vision. We believe that educating the whole child is most important and we value our homeschool community. Teachers, students, and parents partner together throughout the year to review and reflect on student progress of the SLOs. SLOs are also an essential part of the WASC process as they demonstrate our school’s commitment to support student learning.

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Navigators of the Digital World

Proficient in the use of technology, media, and online resources


Self Directed and Motivated

Able to set attainable goals to achieve academic success

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Independent Critical-Thinkers

Able to problem-solve, take ownership, and apply their knowledge

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Effective Communicators

Articulating their thinking with confidence

Hands holding a globe icon

Responsible Citizens

Actively seeking knowledge of local and global issues

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Personalized Learners

Thriving in the education style that best fits their individual needs